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11th October 2011


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24th August 2011 (planning meeting)


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11th January 2011


14th December 2010


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14th September 2010


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Who Are Your Parish Councillors?
























The 2010 Parish Council election results can be found here



Clerk to the Council is Sally Walmesley who can be contacted on 01763 852137, or by e-mail at: clerk@litlington.org.uk  


Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council meetings are held at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month, and members of the public are welcome (and encouraged) to attend.  Every meeting offers members of the public an opportunity to raise issues they have in respect of all matters connected to the village.

The latest Parish Council meeting minutes are available here.



Litlington Community Plan


Documents in respect of the Litlington Community Plan can be found here

Tuesday 8 January 2011



Area of Responsibility

Alan Pipe (Chairperson)

01763 852885

Planning, Highways & Grass cutting

Marjorie Baker

01763 852491

Village Hall

Alan Biles

01763 852533

Police Liaison, Parish Post checking, Townlands Charity

Lisa Wiltshire

01763 852551

Dog Warden, Recreation Centre

Steve Claydon (Deputy Chairperson)

01763 853760

Recreation centre, Cemetery

Nick Jones

01763 852037


David Sharp

01763 852425


Linda Williams

01763 852809

Recreation Ground/ Playground Equipment, Village Hall (inc Bookings), Cemetery

James Bathmaker

01763 852435

Parish Post